Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Mike & Dean — "Be True To Your Bud" promotional 45 giveaway!

From the editor.

Thanks to Gary Griffin, ESQ randomly chose some lucky subscribers to receive these instant collectibles:

Mike & Dean "Be true To Your Bud" promotional single

Mike & Dean Fall 1982 "Be True To Your School" tickets

Mike & Dean backstage pass

The winners will receive these items in the mail by the end of April.

The winners are:

Zach Bastien

Maureen Falco

Lewis Garrett

Marijn Von Hoorn

Richard McNeace

Timothy Smith

Danny Yoe

The following names were chosen to receive collectible tickets from the Mike & Dean Fall 1982 "Be True To Your School" concert series and were included with issues when they were mailed.

Christian Bremer

Anthony Gesualdi

John Gulmans

Shigeo Itaya

Ole Knudsen

French Salter

More collectibles are coming this year, so be sure to subscribe today!

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