Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dennis Diken with Bell Sound

Late Music
Cryptovision records
By David M. Beard

Accompanied by Probyn Gregory, Andy Paley, Nick “Wonder” Walusko on much of this collection (with cameos from the Honeys, Nelson Bragg and Andrew Sandoval) this album spans just about every 1960s genre imaginable… And it’s good. Very good. Endless Summer Quarterly subscribers were introduced to the Diken/DiBella songwriting team back in early 2004 on the first Dennis Wilson tribute CD, One In A Million, where they debuted “Fall Into Your Arms.” If you took a blender and threw the Monkees, Dave Clark 5, Procul Harem, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys and turned it on you’d end up with Late Music. Pick it up and discover it for yourself.

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