Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Endless Sky DVD series

Be sure and visit the Endless Sky blog and pick up our exclusive video interviews with the Wondermints, Dean Torrence and Van Dyke Parks. Each volume was filmed on location with the artist and offers incredible insight into their respective histories and backgrounds.
By David M. Beard

Wondermints DVD: When I interviewed Nick Walusko and Darian Sahanaja on location at Mark Linett's house, the pair took each other through memory lane, recounting their discovery of Brian Wilson and his music, joining Brian's band, and Darian helping Brian finish SMiLE.

Dean O. Torrence DVD: Filmed on location in Dean's home, Dean discusses his graphic arts career and the formation of Kittyhawk Graphics, as well as his extremely successful teaming with Jan Berry.

Van Dyke Parks DVD: Filmed on location in Van Dyke's home, he takes us down memory lane sharing his modest musical beginnings, and performing the classic "Orange Crate Art" at his piano.

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