Monday, December 6, 2010

Rockin’ The Mistletoe — Various Artists

Review By David M. Beard

When November and December roll around we reach for our favorite holiday music CD.  Usually it’s a collection by one group or a compilation collecting the very best the season has to offer.  Rockin’ The Mistletoe does the latter in fine order, but its challenge is that it is a collection of relative unknown recordings and recording artists.  For this reviewer it is always a welcome surprise when a new release captures the nuances of the season and this compilation draws the listener in fine yuletide fashion.

Brian Wilson’s lyrical collaborator Scott Bennett continues to impress on his own and his “Getting Ready For Christmas” is reason enough to pick up this collection with its McCartneyesque rolling piano. Stockholm Strings’ Van Dyke Parksian “Christmas Song For My Darling” plucks along perfectly; James Carter Cathcart’s “Christmas Morning” is the very thing that Christmas dreams are made of; Rob Bonfilglio’s “Warm, Lovin' Christmastime” is engaging and Taylor Mills’ “New Year’s Eve” is stunning.

Rockin’ The Mistletoe’s strongest attribute is that the variety of music captures all the quirkiness, sentimentality, love, hope and joy that the holiday season encompasses.  Pick it up today!